The aim of is to show you how to get the most beautiful hair and most healthy scalp you can ever dream of.

Some three years ago, I had one of the most horrific experiences of my life, my hair simply started falling down and my scalp was so inflamed and so bad looking that I resolved to go see a doctor, he couldn’t find what was wrong with me! That what scared me the most!

I started doing my own research and looking for other solutions, finally, I found what was wrong with me, it was related to my diet and the way I was caring for my hair!

I was doing everything wrong, and it nearly destroyed my hair and my self-confidence as well. is a website dedicated to giving you the best information on making your hair and your scalp the healthiest and most attractive possible.

I’m no professional, I’m simply a teacher who is interested in hair and scalp problems and solutions, if you have some interesting thoughts and some interesting tips, I would be more than glad to share them on this website.

Just use the contact me page to send your questions and suggestions.