Do you suffer from an itchy scalp after dying your hair? Well, you need to use the advice in this post; they are going to help you a lot and will help you also get rid of this problem very quickly.

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The first thing you need to understand is that I don’t like hair dyes, and I really think that they are nasty for your hair and scalp as well.

Sometimes, when you apply them at close intervals, you are going to end up damaging your hair follicles for good, which will end up causing you temporary to even permanent hair loss!

My advice is to only dye your hair once a year, I know, most are not going to agree with me and think that this is very difficult and harsh, but remember this: I care about your scalp, and I don’t want you to lose your hair soon!

Remember this: most hair dyes contains ammonia and other very nasty chemicals, these are going to change the molecular structure of your hair in order to reflect certain colors, and please, stop believing what some hair dyes brands will tell you, that it will only coat your hair!

No hair dye is going to coat your hair, most of them are going to penetrate deep into your hairs and cause them to change their molecular structure in order to reflect different colors!

These chemical reactions are also very harmful to your scalp; they are most damaging to your hair follicles.

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And this is the reason why you get an itchy scalp after dying your hair, you are hurting your hair follicles, and as a reaction, they are suffering from inflammations and are sending pain signals to your brain!

Now, let’s say that you are convinced that you should only use hair dyes and hair colors once or twice a year and you don’t want to feel and experience an itchy sensation!

Well, this is completely understandable, and this is how you can get rid of this problem:

Every time you dye your hair, I want you to apply the following techniques:

First of all, try to massage your scalp very gently, just for five or ten minutes, I know that this is going to sound silly, but it’s going to help blood flow a lot, which is going to lower the itchy sensation tremendously.

After some few minutes, apply the following oil mixture:

Take one tablespoon of olive oil and add to it one drop of tea tree oil and four drops of lavender oil.

That’s it! Massage your scalp with this amazing oil blend; it’s very efficient for reducing itchy sensations in your scalp while also preventing your hair follicles from getting clogged.

You can also use the following remedy; it’s very efficient as well:

Take one teaspoon of liquid salicylic acid and mix it with one tablespoon of warm water, then, sprinkle all over your scalp and massage very gently, it will get rid of the itchy sensation almost immediately.

But please, remember this: these are no permanent remedies, once you dye your hair again, you will experience an itchy sensation.

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My advice is to use henna, it’s definitely the best hair dye you can use because it’s natural, it won’t hurt your scalp, and most importantly, it produces a very beautiful color and look.