You are going to discover in this post some amazing natural remedies for toddlers flaky scalp, although they may seem very easy and somehow simple, they are extremely effective and I want you to never forget this:

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You are dealing with a very sensitive being, toddlers have very sensitive skin and fragile metabolism as well, and to prevent any problems or health complications, especially related to using natural remedies, I really think that you need to be careful and only use simple remedies, never use harsh ones!

Well, let me tell you a little story:

When my wife gave birth to our first son, soon, after just some few months, he started developing very flaky scalp, he started having white scales all over his hair and I won’t lie to you, I felt extremely troubled and scared at the same time!

After checking with a dermatologist, he confirmed that it was nothing to worry about and that our son was doing great, yet, his flaky scalp didn’t stop at all and it seemed to even get worse!

That’s when my wife started using these natural remedies which her mother told her about, and the truth is that they have works amazingly well, here they are, they are very simple yet they will work amazingly well:

  • The first one is to use an oil blend.

Me and my wife are from Italy, and there, we love and use olive oil for everything and anything.

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The amazing thing about old Italians is that they always prefer to use natural oils and natural remedies whenever they are suffering from a problem, and this is the same thing with my mother-in-law as well, when she saw that my son was suffering from very flaky scalp, she immediately told us to use olive oil, but not alone, with an amazing and secrets essential oil: lavender oil!

I’m sure that you already know about lavender plants, and how wonderfully the smell. Italians are very proud of lavender products and we think that they are not only very aromatic, but they are also extremely healing to our health and most importantly to our skin, this is the reason why my mother-in-law decided to mix one tablespoon of olive oil with just one drop of lavender oil, and to dip the tip of her finger in it and massage my son’s scalp very gently.

And soon enough, after just five days doing this every single day, his scalp became very clear and it stopped from having scales and dandruff!

If you feel worried about using this oil blend, then, let me give you another simple solution: white vinegar.

And this one is absolutely very safe and also extremely beneficial for his or her skin and scalp as well.

Mix one teaspoon of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of warm water, then, apply to his or her scalp for just some few minutes, make sure you massage very gently, then, rinse using warm water.

This is also extremely efficient and will reduce your toddler’s flaky scalp dramatically.

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If you have a question or you feel worried about these techniques, don’t hesitate to ask me, I will be very glad to help you, just use the form below: